Competitive/Traditional Bidding

Krempp has had much success with competitive bidding for many years. Competitive bidding is not only about providing the lowest bid, but also about quality, safety, strong subcontractor ties, and expertise; all areas in which Krempp has proven its excellence over and over again. In the long term, these intangibles save owners money, and provide one more way for Krempp to step beyond expectations and bring extended value to a project, while remaining price competitive.



Krempp offers complete design/build services including full engineering and architectural design, project management and supervision, as well as self-performed construction services to provide a single source solution for the owner.

Krempp Construction has completed a large array of complex design/build projects including but not limited to, multi-story office buildings, laboratories and secure facilities. Krempp also has extensive knowledge and experience working with explosive environments and hazardous waste, and has been selected as a task order contractor at NAVFAC Crane for the past 20 years.



Krempp provides quality general construction in concrete, masonry, carpentry, steel erection, custom work, and specialties, as well as turn-key construction management, quality sub-contractors, project management, supervision, sustainability, and quality control.

Contact Krempp Construction today with questions, or for more information about how we can help you succeed with your next project. Since the very first road paving project on East Sixth Street back in 1877, the Krempp family and its employees have been delivering on their word by providing quality products at competitive prices.