Welcome to Krempp Construction, Inc.; A family owned business serving Southern Indiana for over 100 years. As large institutional contractors, Krempp Construction has been offering a quality product at a competitive price for over 100 years.

  • Strategic Weapons

    Strategic Weapons
  • NAARC Rotator

    NAARC Rotator
  • JMS Rotator

    JMS Rotator
  • StMeinrad Rotator2

    StMeinrad Rotator2
  • PHS Rotator1

    PHS Rotator1
  • Microwave Addition

    Microwave Addition
  • Microwave Addition

    Microwave Addition
  • ElectroChemistry


Krempp Construction was born at a time when a handshake meant you delivered on your word. It’s what we know and how we do business. We are eager to tackle complicated, large-scale projects that many contractors avoid.

For upcoming projects please contact the e-mail address below or call our main office.


215 Main Street, Jasper, IN 47546  ●  Phone: 812.482.6838  ● Fax: 812.482.9592

Email: const@krempp.net